Plug-n-play data connections

Information sits in many places with various ways to connect and gather it. This platform has consideration for eight different methods of connection and one common way to clean, move, share and store it

tokens creds oauth services database

A digital rolodex YOU own.

How many systems do you use to connect to the people in your world? What if you lost your service? Is there anywhere that you can find all your contacts, let alone your finances or even medical files?

Import your contacts from everywhere!

imap crms excel csv api

Collections and Photos

Connect your backup drive and instantly USE those files you know you have but aren't sure how to make them useful.

Collect various information from documents to emails to newsletters. Compare them as you see fit. Combine them for your expression of perspective.

THEN, share them as you desire.

Fun things from MY personal portal

how I use my platform to express myself while ensuring my digital history.

a citizens actual experience and perspective.



TreeOfHope Adventure
combine multiple pages to provide different stories and perspectives.

US Freedoms


Citizenship & Freedoms
custom forms you can make anyway you want.



various collection of images in auto tab categorized layouts



A page enabled collage of jokes and humor, break from drama

Life Certainties

death, taxes and tech upgrade

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Technology opens our world

The future will and has been coming straight at us with the force of a fire-hose. We will have to continue using tools that have been made to betray our trust.. But we can start now, to take steps to ensure our history, our memories and our digital assets are in a solution that we OWN. 

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Focus and Transparacy

The only way forward is with eyes wide open.