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This is a self-hosted website built with custom software. You install it on your personal computer. It provides a web portal designed to import csv, connect to email and lots of other things. You can create custom pages and share them as desired.

An answer for the question: 'Where can I store this?'

FOUR MORE minutes of details!

"Once Had Tech" by Shelly (parody)

Bold Features


Information sits in many places with various ways to connect and gather it.

This platform has consideration for eight different methods of connection and one common way to clean, move, share and store it.

Digital Rolodex

How many systems do you use to connect to the people in your world? What if you lost your service? Is there anywhere that you can find all your contacts?

Import your contacts from everywhere!


Connect your backup drive and instantly USE those files you know you have but aren't sure how to make them useful.

THEN, share them as you desire.



Humor Center

You can make your own collage of pictures just like this one filled with jokes and humor.
Take a break from dramas.


Traveling Tree of Hope

Quarantine boredom had us debating what to do with a Christmas tree.  check out the story...



Cool Collections

Create category based collections for an organised display, like my 20 years of cool pictures I found on the internet.



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