Platform Features, Services and Knowledgebase

What is a Personal Archive? What is its purpose?

It is like a personal file cabinet which provides capabilities to host a public website from anywhere you can gain internet and a static IP.
A software platform which gathers information from many places and stores it in a warehouse format.
Customize report widgets to create individualized, permission based displays for your own personal website.

Everyone seems to have your data except you.
What happens to your information if you loose access to a service?
How do you keep all your contacts in one place?
How can you share your photos or files if they don't have a compatible service?
How do I find all the information I have for my health needs or finances needs?
Where is my information and what do they really have?


Mini Computer: Windows/Linux platform compatible
Internet Service with Static IPAddress
Domain Name: this will be your public access


  • Download the software and Install: beta clients by request
  • Enter the required fields make a few file changes.
  • Launch your portal: login and follow the getting started instructions

  • Emails, Chats, Texts
  • Centralized Contacts
  • Video/Photo Management
  • Contact, Financial, Medical Data Warehouse
  • One Source Of Truth
  • Service Independence

Empowering People Over Technology!


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  • Data is History

    It's what we know, what we share and who we are. It is all humanity will ever be or dream of becoming.

  • How many users can I have?

    You can have as many users as you like. Users can be granted specific access to things you would like to share.

  • How many data sources can I have?

    You can have as many data sources as you set up. Contact our support or any other php engineer to add connections to your system as you need. Apps and Integrations are constantly in development so more data silos can be opened to us all.

  • Who owns my data?

    You own your data. There are NO hooks, pings, scrapes, mysterious processes.

  • How do I change my migration schedule?

    Adjust your schedule in the Administrative Menu->Schedules. You will find all scheduled activities for the company, migration requires special access.

  • Is my data safe?

    Your own your system, databases, code: they are as safe as anything else in technology. The architecture considers many of the current needs to secure access but there are no promises because the world changes everyday. It is recommended you have ssl and maybe a vpn, you can also reach to industry experts for advice. It's in your control, most functionality requires read access to system data sources.

  • How many sites can I have?

    You can have as many sites as you would like, the client features allow you to create entire separate sets of data, databases and displays as you desire.

  • What Is a Data Source?

    A Data Source is a set of connection credentials needed to access a data storage mechanism. These credentials could be read only access to various databases or hard drives. Data Source are how access to your data is granted for display, interaction and migration purposes.

  • Can I have my own style?

    You can have as many style as you choose. The basics of HTML5 and CSS3 are supported but its a bit of a moving target when it comes to feature support, The System admin feature allows you to add any style template to the portal for your portal use and the Content Editor feature allows you to create the look you desire. You can even create many sites and change them daily with one click!

Integration Types

Thousands of integrations exist, this system is designed so other engineers can quickly create integrations in a standard format and plug right into a portal.
PHP is an open coding language with many years and engineers to enhance it as desired, regardless of the current fad.
The area of integrations can require training but we have lots of documentation and examples to help.

Packaged Configurations

Every system is different and complex or don't allow direct connections.
Custom configurations can be prepared and shared with other portal users.
These are a few that are ready to go.


Files and Databases

BridgeTheGap is designed to discover all items available in some of the standard places data is stored.
If you have csv files with a header row, directories of json files or you are ready to move to a database of choice, we have a solution waiting!


API Interface

BridgeTheGap can pull most any data using SOAP/Rest/HomeGrown connection.
If the software provider has allowed a way to connect, we can set your data free.
Has a new technology just emerged but your stuck in your old system?


Import Solutions/Bi-Directional/Special

These APIs can pull and push data on a timed sync schedule you choose.
No Longer do you have to manually copy and paste the information into your system.


Features List


  • Staging

    Instantly have a staging database created complete with schedule data sync and cleansing capabilities

  • Warehouse

    Have you ever thought about a warehouse but just knew it was not affordable anywhere in the near future, that's for big corporations? Well, its is now!
    Modeling control of your staged data, due to the unique architecture you can instantly have a warehouse modeled to fit your needs and schedule the data sync, WITHOUT a developer fee attached!

Personal Portal

  • Editable Page Text Areas

    Allows you the ability to modify your company website content. You can link to specific functionality or insert outside links. You can also change or update images as long as the image has been uploaded to your document library.

  • Menu
  • Left Bubble House

    The bubble house in the upper left corner of the page

  • Radial Center Bubble

    This is a css menu which colors the entire background and places the menu center of the screen.

  • Right Bubble Circle

    Menu in upper right corner. code limits based on design: 5 parents and 4 children each

  • Module
  • Dropdown Options

    Create your own value lists, help data consistency in your company by using value lists for common terms and help keep everyone on the same page.

  • Gallery

    Link to the style template gallery for the ability to see and select your company look an feel from any converted template available. Each company can specify a global look and feel and each user may select their own design and layout, if preferred.

  • Glossary

    Create your own company knowledge base system, complete with a rate and suggestion feature to help your employees improve communication between departments.

  • Patterns

    This provides the ability to select specific input masks and display formats for your company site. You may set a global pattern schema or a user can override each specific pattern as they desire.

  • Permissions

    This provides the ability to create custom permissions and apply them to users of your company system.

  • Search

    Ability to search into your LIVE, stage, warehouse or listing feature where desired.

  • Utility
  • Contact Form

    Everyone needs a way for others to contact you - this allows a central place to always be contacted. It stores data in visitor table in your personal database so you can start building YOUR network - not theirs.

  • Convo Merge

    Conversation Merger will take lots of notes, emails and/or chats and recreate them as a story. It attempts to remove duplications and produce the ability to organize interactions in a summarized way.

  • Event Calendar

    Welcome event calendar can place various data in a calendar display so you can see how and WHEN you do things as a pattern, like pay your bills or set meetings.

  • File Page Tabs

    Create an tab view with categories around hash tags you create. This display is the same as you will find in the 'CoolPics' example on the home page. Assumed two levels: parent and comma delim subcategories feature

  • Glossary by Category

    Create displays of content by category. The FAQs page is an example of how this feature works. gtype

  • Newsletter Subscribe

    This feature allows a quick display to be added to a form that anyone can use to signup to receive emails on a regular basis. This is stored in YOUR database so you maintain the contact information.

  • Public Photos

    Create a collage album from pictures with hash tag. The Comedy link on the home page offers an illustration of this feature. version one

  • StoptheSurf

    Create a collection of videos you find online by category. You can add them to custom pages for an overall organization of music or even podcaster you like - on ONE interactive page! stop-the-surf

  • Empowering Individuals Over Tyranny